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Producer Dan Lin Talks Adaptations of Bone Comics

It seems like there’s some decent progress at Warner Bros. on the adaptations of Jeff Smith’s Bone. Collider spoke to producer Dan Lin and got a few updates on the project’s status. If you haven’t read Jeff Smith’s amazing 1300 page epic, it’s a Lord of the Rings scale fantasy adventure with a lot of comedy revolving around the three Bone brothers, who are short, bald, white creatures. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, the plan is to turn the comic into a trilogy of films in CG animation. Lin says they’ve been talking to several directors and will probably be ready to announce a decision early next year, possibly as early as January. Australian writer Justin Monjo is crafting the script. It looks like he’d be best known to non-Australians as having scripted a bunch of Farscape episodes. Fortunately Dan Lin compares the comedy in Bone as being similar to Looney Tunes and the Marx Brothers, so it seems like they’re approaching this properly, rather than shoehorning in modern comedic tendencies or pop culture crap. Production is set to be done by Animal Logic which did Happy Feet and the upcoming Guardians of Ga’Hoole from Zack Snyder. Since they’ve only completed one film, which I haven’t seen, and we’ve seen nothing of their second, I’m not sure how I should feel about that.

On the very positive side, Jeff Smith is apparently closely involved in the development process and he definitely wants to see proper justice done for his series. He previously nixed a film deal with Nickelodeon after they saw the movies as kids fare featuring pop songs. Lin says these films would be PG or PG-13, either of which I think could be done very well. I assume the level of violence and perhaps scare factor would be the deciding factor, since the comics do have massively scaled battles and a few creepy sequences. The Incredibles pulled off a PG though, and I think that level of intensity would be perfectly appropriate.

Hopefully it all works out. A good trilogy based on Bone could be really special.

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