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Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) is an idiot

I don’t even have words. Watch the video.

Actually, I do have words. Okay, so if Barton were genuinely trying to find out how oil got to the northern sections of our planet, fine. I’m not sure a committee hearing is the place to catch up on grade school geology, but fine. The problem is, he clearly doesn’t even care about what Dr. Stephen Chu, our new Energy Secretary and Nobel Prize winner, has to say in explanation. After Chu starts to answer Barton interjects with some nonsensical statements about how the Arctic used to be warmer and something about how the Arctic oil didn’t get there via pipelines. Just look at Chu’s face when he realizes that he’s not talking to a curious congressman but an ignoramus.

And then, to make this hilariously and depressingly incompetent display complete, the Representative from Texas posts the video of this exchange on YouTube and proudly declares that he stumped Dr. Chu. This is a man representing Texas and the Republican Party. In the 21st century, this science-challenged imbecile is a member of the United States Congress. No wonder our country can’t get on track.

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  1. kenneth says:

    Another blowhards from texas.are you freaking kidding me this crap scares the hell out of me how can a grown man be so stupid

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