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Review: Tell Me You Love Me: Episode 02

Tell Me You Love Me

Tell Me You Love Me

I’m finding myself quite a fan of the Palek character. Maybe he reminds me a bit of myself, but that’s beside the point. His conversation during this episode’s therapy session demonstrated a trait that I find rare in television, in that he’s quite deliberative and thoughtful in his speech. The words he requires to detail his emotions don’t come instantly to him because he hasn’t completely worked those emotions out to begin with. He doesn’t initiate a speech that has been reverberating around his head, but instead makes a brave move, in this context at least, to define and articulate his feelings aloud in the presence of his wife and therapist. He isn’t shooting from the hip, so to speak, but carefully considering his words and what they’ll mean to himself, to Carolyn and to their relationship. There’s certainly an attention and care given to language on other shows by the writers, but it’s a treat to see it coming from a character.

I hope something happens with the young couple. Thus far they’re just screwing, squabbling and screwing. Hugo reminds me of Jeremy Sisto’s character from Six Feet Under to the point of distraction. Mostly though, the two characters just don’t have a very deep conflict right now. There’s only so much they can do with Hugo alternating between saying he’ll never be with another woman and refusing to address the issue, and Jamie alternately believing his lie and not believing it. When are these two going to be introduced to the therapy sessions?

David and Katie’s story continues well, with a little more insight into Katie’s sexual hangups. A lot can be gleaned from Ally Walker’s performance in her therapy sequence and her aborted masturbation attempt. It’ll be interesting to see how, or if, David directly factors into her issues.

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